South Australia's leading home builders and land developer

Urban Investment Australia was founded in 2020 with a single mission: to build structures with enduring value and the potential to become timeless. Our team of creative professionals carefully evaluate each project in order to adhere to both financial and time constraints,  which makes us top property development company.

Adelaide's real estate Sales & Property Management experts

The Urban Investment team has specialized in real estate sales and property management in Adelaide for years. Our team of experienced property professionals delivers exceptional service and results for our clients. Real estate is about more than just property, it’s about the bigger picture. Our team's can-do attitude and commitment to always respecting the client.

We build homes, not houses

We believe that life comes first, not last, in buildings. A house can protect you from the weather and home is for your family. From design to construction, UIA considers all aspects of life for a family and strives to make a place that truly belongs to the family. Our homes cover all budgets and all styles of living, but they’re all linked by a common theme: bright, light-filled spaces, great, practical livability, and stylish contemporary appeal. With our ‘Energy Smart’ building system, you can enjoy living in harmony with nature.

Years’ experience in delivering successful projects

Our experienced team has participated in multiple successful real estate development projects and they can ensure the development results in the best use of land, this extensive experience ensures every aspect of land development is well designed and implemented for the perfect finished product. Whether it is a high-end apartment in the city center or a boutique houses in the suburbs, UIA has them all.

Best construction from Crafted

As a pioneer in construction technology in residential and commercial projects, Crafted Constructions has added to its achievements some modern and innovative buildings designed in various cities in Australia and have been committed to providing our customers with the best lifestyle and experiences. We continually strive to create beautiful homes with flexible floorplans and an abundance of features to help you make the most of your home and the life you live in it. Licensed to work in all parts of Australia, we believe in using updated technologies and ensure safety when designing venture plans. 

Investment value and follow-up development

At UIA, the value of the land is developed to the greatest extent. Each of our projects is located in an area with great development potential, the future appreciation is guaranteed for each property. Our supportive team is extremely talented, experienced and passionate. We deliver what we promise to you – tailored solutions, clear communication, flexibility, and honesty and we deliver exceptional projects with proven investment value for our customers. We will undergo feasibility studies with you before the process progresses too far, or before you’re too invested, to determine that you will gain a return on investment.